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Sensor V

In the 70s, Patrick Flanagan studied the pyramid energies for many years and developed several lockets (“sensors”) which bundle the pyramid powers. In 2007, he developed a new sensor, the Sensor V. This sensor is significantly larger than the previous models (nearly 5 cm) and it is also the first three-dimensional sensor. The Sensor V is concavely curved and declines to the center like a shallow dish. The five-sided pyramids are 'bundled' smaller inward and the energy is in the center of the sensor. You can picture the pyramids as antennae that attract the cosmic powers. The pyramids are five-, not four-sided and have been constructed according to the laws of Holy Geometry. The picture above shows a Sensor V next to a pentagram, whose five points can be connected to a pentagon. In other words: Each of the pyramids includes a pentagram, one of the most powerful symbols of Holy Geometry. This sensor is less a piece of jewelry as a "pyramid engine". Patrick Flanagan has reported on tests in which the Sensor V had positive effects on the meridians.

   The geometric shapes of the sensor are not only drawn or calculated, but perfectly and accurately constructed. The basic form was lasered in 3D to get exact lines. The forces of Holy Geometry are becoming ever stronger the more exact their “divine ratios”, like Leonardo da Vinci called them, are compied. The Sensor V is cast in bronze and hand with a 150 micron thick layer of 24 carat gold coated.

The sensor's exact dimensions are based on the holy number phi. Please find the a rough indication of its dimensions below:


  • Overall diameter : 47 mm
  • Eyelet inside diameter: 3 mm
  • Edge height : 6 mm
  • Height including pyramid apexes: 8 mm
  • Material: cast-bronze
  • Surface: electro-plated 24 carat gold layer, thickness: 150 micron        
  • Weight: 40 grams

The Sensor V is available for EUR 710. As only small series are being produced and are often sold out due to strong demand, please ask if the sensor is available before you order and inquire about the expected delivery time.