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How to use the Neurophone

   The Neurophone is an ultrasound device. Inaudible for the human ear, ultrasound waves are directly transmitted into the brain via electrodes you put on your skin. This bypasses filters and blockages. In the normal hearing process, only selective information are being transmitted.
In addition to this, the Neurophone NF3 is able to couple sound information with the ultrasound carrier wave. Language (e.g. language learning or affirmation programs) and music (e.g. meditation CDs) are encoded in a way that they reach the brain together with the ultrasound and are then decoded in the brain. The basic Neurophone signal does not include encoded information. The user decides for himself what kind of information he wants to transmit.

   “Hearing via the skin” is a sense everybody has but that we have not used until now. Meanwhile, scientific research has found how this kind of sound transmission works. Even people who are deaf due to amblyacousia are often able to hear with the Neurophone. As for all the Neurophone effects, however, this is different for each user and in each case.

   You perceive the sound in another way than usually. The sound is holographically  perceived in the middle of the head and is often tinny at the beginning. If you use the Neurophone  regularly the sound will become ever more clear. If you want to actively listen with the Neurophone, for example  listen to a learning CD, you can additionally connect normal headphones, with which you will have the sound you are used to. The sound information is additionally transferred via the “Neurophone way of transmission” - from the saccule to the brain without any filters. You can find details on the various possibilities to connect the Neurophone NF3 to other devices and on its usage in the free Neurophone online magazine.  

The Neurophone works with the skin and the human nervous system's wave length.  If you put the electrodes on you become a part of the oscillating circuit. The Neurophone can also be used by more than one user at a time. Two persons put one electrode each on their skin and then touch each other, for example by holding hands. This can also be applied in small groups. Via a feedback mechanism, the Neurophone automatically adapts to the users' energy systems.

   The now available Neurophone NF3 is so small that it fits into a shirt pocket. That means you can also use it when you are not at home, for example while traveling, during lectures or at work – you can use it every time you need to boost your concentration, learning, relaxing or balance.

   The Neurophone NF3 has a stepless adjustable volume control. If you connect a sound source and adjust the sound in a way that it is just clearly audible (as low as possible but without interrupting the sound signal), the brain is stimulated in a way that makes the creation of new nerve connections possible, according to Patrick Flanagan. He also calls this “training the brain”.

   Moreover, the Neurophone is also a tool for accelerated learning. In the FAQs you can read how a Neurophone user learned Hungarian while doing something completely different, such as reading or meditating. A free ebook explains in detail how you can learn with the Neurophone.

   In addition to this, the Neurophone influences the brain waves and strengthens brains wave patterns associated with relaxation and meditation.

   Please to do hesitate to contact us, we'll be glad to answer you questions about the Neurophone devices.


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